Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My Sewing...Room...Corner...6 Feet of Wall

Today I thought I would share with you the room where I sew and create. Usually my projects spill over into the kitchen at the table, but this room is where it starts.
The cabinet where my cans of supplies are was my Granny Dot's. She bought it when I was little and made me many beautiful things on it. My Granny is still alive and well and one of my biggest creative inspirations. Lilly has unscrewed all the knobs off the front and put them who knows where, so now I have an excuse to get new ones from Anthropologie (if you shop there, you know their knobs make you drool!) My Mom (my other big creative, sewing muse) has the sewing machine that was originally in the cabinet but I use it for storage. The cans on my "desk" are just tin cans covered in Martha Stewart contact paper from Kmart.
My mother-in-law gave me my machine for my birthday when I was pregnant. It has been a favorite gift. Over my machine, on the shelf, I keep some threads and a milk glass vase with bobbins in it. This is also where I display one of my most treasured pieces of art. It was done by one of my 1st graders (before I was a SAHM I was a teacher). She was such an amazing artist at a mere age 6. She drew me pictures all the time. One day I gave her a picture of my sewing machine (at the time it was an aqua Universal from the mid 1960's) and asked her to draw it. Well she went above and beyond and sketched a picture of me sewing on my Universal with her as my assistant. I can't get over the details. I love how she spelled "Sewing Area" phonetically. It is just an amazing picture. Here is a closer look at it...
I love my inspiration board. I add and subtract from it when I find new ideas and inspiration. There are several Anthropologie catalogue pictures up there. Does anyone else save every Anthro catalogue from every season and every year and cut pictures out and obsess over them?....No? ok. maybe its just me :)
Below is the guest room part of it. The bed was my great grandmothers. I made the curtains from a Ralph Lauren Sheet. My Granny Dot made the duvet with two RL sheets. The fabric hanging over the bed is a vintage table cloth I scored off ebay several years back. I adore the colors and the pattern. This room is so bright and fun. I love being in my little creative space. I still have some things I want to add but for now I am pretty happy with how it is turning out.
Hope you enoyed the tour! Ya'll come back now!


  1. The guest room looks so sweet Moll! I love how the tablecloth looks and it is just how I pictured it when you described it to me! Ahhhh, the aid of an awesome visual imagination! Love the fabric covering the chair as well!! It looks so cheerful and inviting in there! Ok now pics of your room and the kitchen girlfrehn!! They are so beautiful, you must show them off! Even your closets are beautiful...ha ha, I am serious! When you have awesome taste, everything looks divine! Speaking of I have to show you my new pantry, of all things...I love you!

  2. What a pretty space! I can see how you "get inspired" there. May inspire me to revamp my writing corner...six feet of wall...



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