Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I have had these mermaid embroidery patterns for a few years now and I have been dying to use them. I finally decided to make Lilly a little drawstring bag for her bathing suit and embroider a mermaid on it. I thought it would be perfect in her "mermaid bathroom".
While I was hanging out in the "Mermaid Bathroom", I decided to shoot some photos of it to share with ya'll. I made the shower curtain out of a Ralph Lauren sheet. I just used a grommet kit and added grommets to the top after I cut and hemmed it to the right size. The curtain rings are shabby chic from Target from years ago. The vintage bathing suit is something I always wanted in my bathroom. I found it in the perfect shade of pink with daisies at "La France" a vintage boutique here in Tampa. The tiny blue bathing suit in the shadow box was Lilly's first (also Skylar's first). I put it in a shadow box from TJMaxx and backed it in pink terry cloth. It is topped off with one of my favorite Mary Engelbreit Illustrations. I use tin beach pails to hold shampoo, bubble bath, and soaps.
This is a close up of the vanity. I found the ceramic boat at a yard sale. The intricate mermaid was a gift from my loving Critty eons ago. It has moved with me many times.
Hope you enjoyed a look inside one of my favorite rooms in the house. It is one of the few places I could go pink crazy. I will share some other areas of my home soon. Have a great rest of the week!


  1. the little bag is adorable, matter of fact, the entire bathroom is adorable. You are the only person I know that whould come up with some the things you do, as well as have the patients to to some of them...

  2. LUSTING IT! sorry, no one else will get that, but you do....The mermaid is AWESOME! I want a pilow case please, so I can have mermaid dreams, P.S. I like blues and greens....tee hee! LOVE that you put pics of your bathroom! Everytime I visit I just GAZE at everything and feel so enchanted by all of your choices and placement of your found treasures. PLease take pics of All of your rooms!!! You need to share the wealth of your design with the world even more! xox



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