Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Fabric Fruit

I have been whipping up some fabric fruit this week. I am making them to go in a basket on the center of my mother-in-laws dining room table. I am helping her do some decorating and I am going for a French country/folk artsy look with reds, golds, roosters, etc. I think these strawberries and pears will be a cute touch. I think I might attempt some apples too. We'll see how it goes. Sewing a spheres intimidates me a little. I sewed the fabric flowers in the background about 5 or 6 years ago. I have always liked them especially in the thrift store vase they are in. The beautiful doily was crocheted by my talented "Maw Maw Jean" (my husbands grandmother). I have quite a few of her creations and I love them all!
I found the patterns for the strawberry and pear in this book...

Check it out. It is a lovely book.

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  1. Too cute! Is there anything you COULDN'T make a fabric version of?? Me maybe...:) How is the dollhouse shelf project coming? I saw a version of it in pottery barn kids this month for around $300 and laughed out loud because I know your version is going to blow their socks off, especially with the vintage wallpaper touches! I am so excited to see it...I can already see it finished in my head! xox



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