Wednesday, July 29, 2009

L is for Lilly and Lemonade

I thought I would share Lilly's latest letter creations. We scrapped alphabetical order. Now we just do whatever letters we want. I show her the letters and ask her which one she wants to do today and we do whichever letter she says. Of course when I showed her Q for queen and U for unicorn she wanted to do those! This age is so fun. I love watching her color, paint and glue and she loves glitter just like her momma.

1 comment:

  1. How educational of you MOMMY! Gahhhhh, I guess it helps to have the teacher ways tucked in your back pocket...but ya know even if you didn't you would still do these activities (say that word like we say eeentricate) with the Liller because you are soooooo creative and "wunerful-wunerful" (that is what my grampa used to say). love you!



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