Thursday, February 18, 2010

I hope everyone
had a lovely Valentine's Day. Doug and I had a nice time even though he caught my cold :( He gave me these gorgeous lilies that I placed in a pitcher that his grandmother gave me. I love them. I love that he gives me lilies on holidays because "Lilly" is the love of our lives.
I managed to do a little decorating this past week after packing away the Valentines decor. I filled this vintage frame (at right) with pages out of a vintage cook book and a post card from one of my favorite local restaurants. I found the frame years ago at a thrift store for $2. It was gold and caked with dust. I painted it cream. It is cracked up but I like it that way. I filled the 3 tiered wire basket with some of my cloth dinner napkins. I draped my new anthropologie dish cloth over the wine shelf so I can stare at it all the time. I am happy with the new arrangement.
I also added a rope on the wall behind the kitchen table to display Lilly's artwork. I made the rope by braiding long strips of fabric and then tying bows on the ends. I hung the rope with little brass cup hooks. Lilly is so proud of her little gallery and her daddy and mommy are too.
My mom is here visiting and we went to one of my favorite thrift stores yesterday. I can't wait to show you what I found. I will share soon~Molly

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Valentine Madness

If you teach 2 preschool classes, have a daughter in preschool, and teach a Wednesday night bible class of 5 year olds, this is what your dining room table looks like the week before Valentines Day...
I love the Valentine madness!
Speaking of madness, only 24 days until... I can't wait!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Heart-Shaped Chocolate Box Makeover

This is what a $1 box of chocolates from Walmart looks like when I'm through with it :)
The box looked like this before:
Not so cute.
I thought I could change that and make a pretty little gift for my daughter Lilly.
Here's how i did it:
First, remove cellophane and box lid. Turn the lid over and trace it onto the back of a piece of decorative scrapbook paper or cardstock (wrapping paper could be pretty too). Next, cut the heart out with scalloped scissors and use a glue stick to affix it to the box top. Now comes the fun part...Ebellish, embellish, embellish. I decided to top mine with a crepe paper flower, pearls and some paper leaves. You could use stickers, craft foam hearts, die cuts, vintage valentines or whatever else you could think of. If you want to top yours with a crepe paper flower like mine, here's how to make it:
Cut a 24 inch strips of crepe paper from a roll. Fold the strip in half lenthwise. Set the tension on your sewing machine to about 8 (you want it high) and then set your stitches long. This will cause the crepe paper to gather as you stitch. Now you will stitch down the center of the entire length of the streamer. When you begin stitching, back stitch to secure but do not back stitch at the end because you may need to adjust the amount of ruffle you want for your flower. After you have finished sewing, fold the streamer in half again along the stitches so it will be a double ruffle. Next, glue one end of the ruffle to the box (wherever you want the center of the flower to be). Begin winding the ruffle around the center, using hot glue to secure as you go.Finally, add pearls or a button to the center and some leaves and that's it you're are done. p.s. I emptied out the chocolates and filled the box with some of Lilly's favorite confections. You could also fill it with little trinkets. Remember to save your boxes you get this year and you can transform them for next year and refill them with goodies for a loved one.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Deck the Halls with Glitter and Lace, fa la la la la la la la la

I thought I would share some of my Valentine decorations with you: A garland in my kitchen window.
It came from the dollar spot at Target last year and I just added some old doilies and clothespins to give it some unexpected whimsy.

Our Valentine tree.

The heart lights are from Target like 15 years ago. I crocheted the red hearts last year. The little cards are from Daisy D's a few years back. I made the topper last year but added some to it this year.

Vintage crochet pillow and pin cushion.

Both were given to me by dear friends.

My vintage honeycomb heart.

It's displayed on my kitchen cabinet. I found this heart at one of my favorite thrift stores for 59 cents! I love the scallped edge.

I love an excuse to deck the halls with pink, red, glitter and lace!


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