Monday, July 13, 2009

Faux Petticoat Skirt

Last year I made a little dress for Lilly out of this fabulous fabric my girlfren Critty gave me. The dress never fit Lilly right so I decided to chop off the top part and make a skirt out of it. I added 3 1/2 inch eyelet lace to the hem (it is a wide 2 inch hem). I attached it to the wrong side of the skirt about 2 inches (the same place as the original hem) above the bottom of the skirt so it has the effect of a lace petticoat sticking out underneath. I love the look of it. So girly, so Lilly!


  1. she should totally pull that going to church :))

    and do you work nursery next sunday

  2. Cutest skirt I have ever seen Girlfrehn! I will give you fabric more often to create such gorgeous skirts!
    You have THE best taste!!
    Love, Critty



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