Friday, June 26, 2009

Ruffle Tank

I got this fabulous idea to add a ruffle to a target tank top from Joy's Hope. I was dying to give it a try so I headed to Target and bought a toddler tank for $3. They have several colors but I loved this turquoise. Then I picked up some fabric from Jo-Ann's came home and... whipped up this ruffly tank in no time flat! I will be making many more of these tanks in the future. p.s. I figured out that in order to get Lilly to pose I just give her a pair of my heels and she goes to town. What a little ham.


  1. a future supermodel (lilly that is)

  2. TOOOOOO CUTE! I can't believe how that turned out. I just love it.

  3. Oh how cute is this, I saw it on Joys Hope too, your daughter is precious!

  4. Gosh Lilly is so precious!

  5. OH Me Oh MY,the Liller is such a DIVA, so fashionable and her pose is AWESOME! She is so classical looking too, timeless and gorgeous!
    ok ok so the shirt is SO FAB too! You really just blow me away Moll, I am so SO impressed! Come on couldn't you crank these out and then I can manage your ETSY website from afar??? :) I am so serious!
    I am so proud of you for crankin out such a miriad of projects Girlfrehn, it is inspiring and encouraging and I am thrilled for you!! YOU GO GIRL!
    Tons of smooches and hugs!



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