Monday, June 29, 2009

Red, White, and Blue Paper Fringe Tutorial

I have decided to celebrate the 4th with my first tutorial. I want to share with you how I make crepe paper fringe trim. I have seen it a lot on the edges of party hats and on decorations in gift shops and I love the look of it. It is so festive. It is hard to find though. You can buy it on etsy but I thought it would be fun to make myself, not to mention it is economical and I can make it in any color I want. I made this trim in red white and blue and used it to edge a platter that I am serving cupcakes on. I think it adds so much. I hope you give it a try and use it at your Independence Day celebration.
Step 1: Gather rolls of red, white, and blue
(or any colors you choose)crepe paper.
Step 2: Layer 3 or 4 pieces or crepe paper
(the length you will need for your platter).
Lay them directly on top of each other.
The more layers you use the fluffier your trim will be.
Step 3: Sew directly down the center of the crepe paper strips,
sewing all the layers together.
Step 4: Fold the strip in half lengthwise along the stitching.
Use scissors and trim fringe the entire length of the strip.
When making fringe, cut almost to the stitching but not all the way
or your trim will fall apart.
This is what your trim will look like after you have finished fringing. Step 5: Carefully separate the layers of crepe paper and gently scrunch/crumple and fluff.
When you are happy with your trim and it is fluffy and festive, use double stick tape to attach it to a platter, cake plate or other serving dish. You could also drape it around a mirror or have it streaming from a chandelier. Happy 4th of July!
*you can print out the flag cupcake toppers here*


  1. Oh just saved me so much money! I love it!

  2. Congrats! (for being featured on "one pretty thing")I am going to have to make my own fringe garland with crepe paper from Dollar Tree! That will save soooo much money!

  3. Love this idea, going to let me older girls help make some later today!

  4. How brilliant to post the step by step tutorial like that! You make everything look so easy and do-able Girlfrehn....and you are so conscious of the backgrounds for everything, like the different fabrics you lay your creations on. You are evolving into such a fine tuned producer of FABULOUSNESS! :)
    these smileys really need huge teeth because it cannot contain the feeling of how happy I am for you!
    May God continue to bring it out in you....may you just flourish! You are a blesing to my heart and eyes!
    Love you!



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