Thursday, June 18, 2009

Blackberry for Daddy

Lilly finished her Father's Day present for her Daddy. It is a Blackberry picture frame. We got the idea from the fabulous blog "No Time For Flashcards". I thought it was a cool option for Doug. He doesn't exactly fit the father's day cliches (ie golf, necktie, fishing, and tools). Hope he likes it! I put on little dots of glue and she used her little fingers to carefully place each letter. Yes she did the letters on her own in case you were thinking I had had a drink before I put on the letters. She helped wrap the aluminum foil frame and glued down her picture. She did a great job.


  1. That is precious...I can just see those little fingers working so hard!

  2. So Cute!! I would have never thought of doing that. Only you.




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