Thursday, April 7, 2011

Girly Easter Party Update

I mentioned in a previous post that Lilly and I are hosting a girly Easter party. Here are the invitations I made. This week I am working on getting the items together for the scavenger hunt the girls will be doing in the yard. Each guest will be given a list of items to find hidden around the yard. Some of the items include...
a bouquet of daffodils
a glittery butterfly clip
(Lilly and I made these using a "Creatology" foam kit from Michaels) an egg shaped like a bunny and a carrot filled with candy
(found these cute candy holders at the Dollar Tree)a fluffy baby chick
(a variety of yummy colors can be found a Hobby Lobby)

There will be bonus finds too! For instance, the girl who finds a cross hidden in her egg will get a special prize.

Lilly and I are having so much fun getting things ready for the big day. I will be posting the favors and craft projects soon, so come back and visit! Love, Molly

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