Sunday, May 31, 2009

Craft Hope Doll Finally Finished

About a month ago I found out about a site called "Craft Hope". I was led to participate in their most recent project, creating a handmade doll for a needy child in Nicaragua. Please visit the site to read more. It will inspire you. It is all about crafting for a good cause.
I finally finished the doll that I am sending to Nicaragua (she is the one on the left in the photograph). She is hugging Martha (the doll I made for Lilly) goodbye. We hope she makes some little child very happy. It was such a joy to bring her to life.
The pattern for the doll was designed by Emily of "Inside A Black Apple"
p.s. I made the doll outfits from old shirts of mine (except the rose shirt, it is fabric from the $1 table at Walmart). They didn't fit anymore, but I couldn't part with the fabric. Told you I'm a pack rack!


  1. Molly SERIOUSLY! These are sooooooo aborable that I want to squeeze them! They are such an awesome version of the original idea (which you showed me)!
    I am so very impressed and I think they turned out just darling! I can so imagine a little mermaid doll too! Can that be your next challenge because I can see you forming the tail in the wee hours in a JIFF!
    haha. Miss you always Girlfrehn! We need another night in the garage with crafts, junk, and bonding soon! gagging febreeze fumes optional! ha ha ha!

  2. Hellllooo??? you are slacking...I need to see new material asap! It is my new crack and I check it often, ha ha! LOVE the new details with the contrasting papers and the thread detail looks like I can reach out and touch it! I love that! The cupcake is adoable too. No doubt you wil be a master at designing and embellishing your blog with EEEEENTRICATE details in no time....oh that is just like you though! ANYTHING you set your mind to becomes GOLDEN my dear friend!!! Never doubt that you have what it takes to do ANYTHING in this life and do it so beautfully and creatively! You are so inspiring! I am so proud of you and I love you very much!


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  4. I want one! I'll name her Molly. :)



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