Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Brilliant Book!

I went to Barnes and Noble today and I found the most awesome book ever! It is like a book I have always dreamed of but didn't even know that I was dreaming of until I saw it. It is called "How to Be an Explorer of the World". It is a creative book for anyone. It is for creative people who want to find new inspiration and ideas, it is for people who want to tap into their creativity, and it is a great book for children to explore their imaginations. The author, Keri Smith, wrote the book one night when she couldn't sleep. She realized that scientists and artists explore and analyze the world in very similar ways so she wrote a book to teach others how they do this. Each page has activities and assignments that will allow the reader to explore the world around them and find inspiration all around, even in the most unlikely places. One assignment is to sit outside for 10 minutes and record all the sounds you hear. Another is to sit in a familiar room and list 10 things you did not notice when you first walked into the room. One of my favorites was to make a sculpture using things that are around you at that moment. It is just packed with awesome new ways to look at the world and observe. I didn't buy the book today because I am going to order it from Amazon. I will let you know when I get it and begin exploring. Let me know if you get one too and we can share experiences. Enjoy your weekend!

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