Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Sweet Scrapbook

My most recent project was a scrapbook for my daughter Lilly's 2nd birthday. It has only taken me 4 months to get it together...hey that's good for me. Her party had a candy theme. I couldn't wait to make a "sweet scrapbook" filled with candy, cupcakes, glitter and fluff. I have to say I am pleased with the results. I made the book itself by sandwiching cardstock between 2 gift bags ( purchased at the target dollar spot, one of my favorite places to shop). I left the gift bags intact and used them to hold her birthday cards and extra photos. When I find the book where I got this brilliant idea, I will post the title. On the cover is a cupcake off of a gift bag I received 4 years ago. It was way too cute to throw away. I knew I would use it one day. Who says being a pack rat is a bad thing? I made some candy embellishments by wrapping tiny buttons with tissue paper. I like the dimension. Martha Stewart has a similar product at Michael's, but I thought I'd make my own version.
Isn't it yummy?!
Do you think Lilly would mind having a candy party every year?
Am I the only crazy one that would actually plan my kid's party around what kind of scrapbook I want to make?
Lilly was looking through the book tonight and shrieking, "thas me mommeeeee!" She poured over each and every page and had fun feeling the tissue, buttons, and ribbons. She seemed to love it. Mission accomplished!

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