Thursday, February 24, 2011

Tomorrow is the big day! The day that my friend Christie and I are attending the Marie Market Soiree. Last week I posted the shoes that I made to wear to the event. Today I finished Christie's pair and I wanted to share as I promised I would. It was a little challenging at first because Christie wears a size 9 and she doesn't wear heels and she wanted pink shoes! So I searched thrift stores and ebay high and low with no luck so I ended up buying a pair of white ballet flats on clearance at Walmart and painted them pink :) Then I used ribbon, lace, feathers and vintage buttons to embellish them. They were the most fun to create. I think I might have a new shoe embellishing obsession. Hope ya'll are having a great week and I will be back early next week to report on all the lovelies that I see at the market. ~Molly


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  2. I love the shoes. They turned out beautiful! As always you can create a treasure out of anything. I can't wait to see pictures from the event.

  3. Oh these are just too cute! I know exactly how she feels! I am a size 9 and can't wear heels either! I did luck out a couple months ago finding a pair on ebay though. Probably like the only pair ever in pink haha.

    Beautiful job! Both your shoes where so sweet!



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