Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Felt Valentine Wrist Corsage

My daughter is obsessed with "The Nutcracker". She watched the Macauly Calkin / New York City Ballet version about a million times. Well during the "Stalbaum party" scene all the girls get wrist corsages and Lilly loves this part. So I thought I would make her her own to wear for Valentine's Day. It was so simple and turned out so cute, I want to share with you how I put it together. I think they would make great gifts or party favors.
What you will need:
-a piece of ribbon about 18 inches long (this fit my 4 year old with extra for a bow) -a rectangle of felt (mine is 3.5" x 1.5")
-two flower shapes with 4 petals cut from felt, one is slightly larger than the other (I cut them free hand) The larger one is about 3" and the smaller one is 2.5" across.
-a strip of felt about 8", straight along one long side and wavy on the other long side
-two leaves about 1.5" long
-glue gun (this is what I used for mine, tacky glue (great for kids to use when making this project) or red thread for sewing together
step 1: glue or sew ribbon across the felt rectangle
step 2: glue or sew large set of petals on top of the center of the ribbon
step 3: glue or sew smaller set of petals on top of larger petals with the smaller set between the larger ones
step 4: roll strip of wavy felt with bumps facing up and flat side down. This will form the center of the rose. Tack with needle and thread on the bottom of the bud or just glue down on top of
of the small set of petals.step 5: glue or stitch leaves under petals
Finally, tie on your little girl's wrist in a sweet bow!
Hope you enjoy!


  1. Lovely! I shared on twitter (@candaceapril) and on my Naturally Educational facebook page.

  2. Beautiful corsage and beautiful little hand.

  3. Absolutely adorable!! I just love it and those sweet little fingers, precious and perfectly posed, of course!

  4. Hi! thanks a lot for idea! i've made a headband for my doughter:) here:

  5. So adorable! What a great idea. I think we might have to duplicate this at our house! Thanks for sharing it.

  6. I find it especially interesting that she wears 'red' nail polish like her favorite aunt!

  7. thanks for the great idea! I made one for my daughter last night!

  8. I made one for my daughter's date with her daddy tonight! I love yours way more than mine, but my daughter loved it, and that's what counts, right? (or at least I tell myself that! lol)


    Thank you!

  9. Very cuteey! I will make one for me. Haha. :) I so like it. Thanks for sharing this idea.

  10. So cute! I featured your corsage today at Project Queen. I love it!



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