Friday, April 30, 2010

Mother's Day Matchbox Locket

When I taught kindergarten I had my students make these adorable "lockets" for their moms or grandmas for Mother's Day. They were a huge hit! This year Lilly and I made one for her Mimi. I am including some photos and directions in case you want to make your own.
You will need an empty matchbox and some acrylic paint.
Paint the part of the matchbox that slides out on both sides.
Choose decorative scrapbook paper or wrapping paper to cover the outside of the matchbox.
Use a glue stick to affix the paper (about 2"x4" strip) to the box.
This is what you have now...
Lastly, glue a photo inside the box, hot glue a ribbon to the back of the outer part of the matchbox, and then embellish. I used small paper flowers from Doodlebug Designs and some ribbon left over from the necklace. I also glued a small paper flower onto Lilly's picture inside the box. When I did these with my class I painted the boxes gold and the kids glued jewels and glitter on the front. There are so many possibilites. The best thing is you can use what you have and make such a special keepsake. Don't forget to date the back. Love to all you mommas out there!~Molly


  1. Oh my goodness, I love your locket! I wish my children were much younger! :o) We would have so much fun making these.
    Sincerely ~ Tricia Anne

    Ps. You have a beautiful blog.

  2. I just loved it! Your blog is so cute.
    Have a great week.

  3. Very cute, I'm going to have to give this a try.

  4. This is such a wonderful idea! Soo many ways you could use it too. I'm thinking of my daughter and her friends who want "friendship" lockets. Can you still buy matches in boxes?

  5. Ohhh this is so stinkin' cute! It would also be good for giving tiny gifts or even storing little things like buttons. Thank you so much for sharing!

  6. Thank you all for the kind comments! I am so glad you like the locket. Katy, you can get the matchboxes at the Dollar Tree, 10 boxes for $1. Yipee for the Dollar Tree!

  7. My daughter made one of these in preschool this year for me...a fun idea!

  8. what a very cute idea. totally lovable!

    I linked to your pattern on my blog - thanks for sharing!

  9. Dankeschön, das ist wunderschön
    Lg aylin

  10. Oh my this is adorable! How very very sweet!!

    Would love for you to join Kids Get Crafty (every Wednesday with or for kids) would love to see you there


  11. I love this , it would be great to do with my granddaughters !

  12. I and my girlfriend run and we are about to publish a post titled “Easy Mom’s Day Crafts for Kids” and we want to feature this post. We need to grab one image. Can we do that? Of course a link will be added in the description for the tutorial.

    I hope to hear from you soon!


  13. If you don't have match boxes you can always use any small box with a top and make a slip cover with like poster board so it's stiff enough. I actually used a little staple refill box it slid into a sleeve it was just a little skinnier & longer. So with the extra length we got a charm from some costume jewelry & my other daughter tiny seashell that her and grandma found at the beach together. We also had an idea of using a small amount of modeling clay to leave a heart with their 2 little finger prints like in a V shape so it forms a heart. Just suggestions. I'm going to be making tons of gifts this year wiirh my 3 kids for their aunts grandmas & great grandma's lol plus pur neighbor is coming over with his son to join our crafts center & make a few things for his family. I'm definitely going to be doing this as one of the projects especially since I just read I can buy a large quantity for a dollar lol. Oh yeah one thing Ill do extra this year is laminate the photo cuz some the photos got messed up from the Texas drizzle

  14. Too cute! Mom's birthday is coming, so I am teaching my 4 year old daughter to create one for their grandma! bookmarked through Pinterest!


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