Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The "Goldilocks" Bed

Lilly has a new big girl bed! She picked it out herself at Ikea last week (I was so happy that she picked my favorite bed there...whew!) As soon as she saw it she jumped in it and said "Mommy, it's Goldilocks's bed!" While she was away at Maw Maw's house for a couple of days last weekend, Daddy and I decided to get it for her and put it together as a surprise. When she came home we took her to her room and she had this huge smile on her face and she ran and cuddled in it. It was priceless. She said "Thank you so much. I appreciate it." Of course later that night when it was time to go to sleep she tried to rebel and said "You and Daddy did a bad job putting this together. I want to sleep in your bed." Happy to report though she did sleep in her new bed after all :) Another new addition to her room is this Cinderella garland I made and hung above her bed. I found a vintage Disney Cinderella book at a thrift store a while ago and had been wanting do make her something with it. If you are a Disney memorabilia fan and you are cringing that I cut up an old book, don't worry the cover was ripped off and some of the pages had writing on them so I didn't have any guilt hacking into it. I picked illustrations that show main parts of the story and I mounted them onto card stock to give them durability. Then I punched two holes in the top and strung them up with pink velvet ribbon. Lilly loves it. For the last year we have had to read Cinderella to Lilly every night before bed so it is really special to her. She sits in her bed and points to each picture and retells the story. I love when she loves something I make for her.
Besides Lilly's room, I have been doing some redecorating projects in my guest/sewing/craft room. Can't wait to share soon. ~Molly

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  1. Hi! found you from kojo designs link party-and I love this Cinderella book banner! My daughter would love this! Her room is so sweet. the bed and bedding are perfect!



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