Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Scrapbook

I wanted to share the Halloween scrapbook that I put together for Lilly last year. So far I have finished pages of memories from her first and second Halloweens. I will add pictures this year to finishe up the book. I bought the book in the dollar spot at Target, one of my favorite places to find scrapbook treasures. I made some tissue fringe and tied on a gingham bow to embellish the cover. It was such a fun project! If you look closely you will see some frayed ribbon, torn paper and smeared ink. That is because Lilly literally looks through this book atleast twice a week. She was looking at this book at Easter time!


  1. Oh how cute. Lily looks like she is really enjoying that cupcake. Be sure to check out my blog for pics of my halloween village.

  2. Sorry, I misspelled Lilly........



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