Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A "Sweet" Weekend

Well our friends Amy and Nolan came to visit this weekend and we had a blast. The kids really enjoyed the campfire, fall festival and just playing together (especially outside in the beautiful weather). We all consumed more sugar than I thought was humanly possible. I filled a cone that I made (pictured at left) and some whimsical Halloween take out boxes with treats for my friend and the kids. Below is a picture of Lilly and Nolan enjoying their yummy cupcakes in my kitchen. We took pictures of them in their costumes but I think I will wait until next week to reaveal Lilly's costume. I can hardly wait to post it...I might give in before next week and show you. We'll see :)
I taught today and had open house tonight so I am pretty beat. I will be back tomorrow to post pictures of the fall crafts that the kids did. They are too cute. Have a great Wednesday!

Love, Molly

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