Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Moment We've Been Waiting For...

Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeere comes the gators! Today our National Champion fightin' Gators kick off the season. Football season is a big deal around here. We pretty much bleed orange and blue. You may wonder why I love football so much. Well first of all my Dad was a high school football coach for 30 years. He actually had to miss a championship game the night I was born. I have been attending football games since I was a tot and have had a pair of pom poms since I could walk. My Granny Dot made me my first cheerleading uniform when I was 2. As far as loving the Gators, well I was born in Gainesville, home of the Gators, my entire family on both sides are from Gator Country (North Central Florida, Gainesville and surrounding area), I attended my first Gator game when I was about 4 and was hooked, my grandfather went to UF on the G.I. Bill, and my husband and I both graduated from UF. Oh and recently I have added one more reason I love the gators to my list.....
The quarterback, Tim Tebow! Need I say more?
While my husband and I were in college, we went to many Gator games. I can't tell you how exciting they are. The stadium where they play is called "The Swamp". It is like 110 degrees inside "the swamp" on a game day in August. It is a sea of orange and blue. Fans are going crazy. When you leave you can't hear for the next 24hrs. It is so intense and there is nothing like it. Right before the players run out on the field they play a vido on the jumbo tron of real alligators on the hunt in a swamp and a deep loud voice echoes over the stadium "In the swamp, only gators get out alive". The crowd goes wild and you hear "heeeeeeeeeeeeere comes the gators" and the team runs out onto the field. div>I can't wait for a new season to start tonight. Wish I was going to the game. When you are a student and you are lucky enough to get season tickets, like we did, you get them for the price of a movie ticket. When you are not a student and your team are the national champions, tickets are in the hundreds. So I'll be watching from my comfy couch, in the air conditioning, wearing my orange and blue. Here's to another gator victory!

(Lilly and I in "the swamp" at the National Championship celebration)


  1. funny. I am still agog at the fact that when I attended the games, I was always in a dress, heels, jewelry and (yep) pantyhose! god, it was hot and man did we sweat but we almost looked 'ok' by the end of the game. you are SO lucky to be of the generation that allows typical and comfy 'ballgame attire'. I hated those saturday sweat-fests, but loved the gators!

  2. Moll I LOVE love love this pic of you Lilly and Doug in your Gator Blues! That is such a theme at your house and I love how Lilly knows all the Gator guys really do bleed orange and blue!!
    Hope you frame it somewhere in the Doug-eets office, it would fit right in! Goooooooo Gators!
    Love you



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