Friday, September 11, 2009

I Need To Create...And I mean Now!

With school/work, household chores, church functions, keeping up with a busy toddler, etc. I have had zero time to create lately. I hope today I can work on something (Lilly is visiting her Maw Maw today so I have some alone time). I have so many ideas and projects in my mind and if I don't get them out soon I might explode! I picked up the latest issue of Somerset Studio last weekend and got completely inspired to start doing some collage and mixed media stuff. I have always loved both of these art forms/techniques. The magazine is looking for submissions for their March/April issue and it is my goal to submit something. The art is due by October 15 and the theme is "Alice in Wonderland", which is one of my favorite stories ever. I studied it extensively in college because I specialized (sort of like a minor) in children's literature. I am very excited about this project so stay tuned to see what I come up with. Yesterday I picked up this book for some more inspiration for my mixed media undertaking...

This book is AMAZING! I am loving it. The author, Lisa Kettell is my new art/craft idol. Check out her blog to see her whimisical work. I am drooling over it all.

Also going to be doing an arrangement simlar to this in my family room soon... I am going thrifting today to look for some wooden embroidery hoops and I have tons of vintage fabric and scraps that I have already picked out to use. Can't wait to show you how it turns out.

So I am off to get the crap work done (ie clean bathroom, vacuum, mop, yuk!) so I can spend the rest of the day making something pretty. Have a great weekend!


  1. wonderful! I'm so anxious to see what you create. I've wondered how you were doing with the addition of school. I'm glad maw maw is close enough to enjoy having lilly come visit, giving you a break and lilly a fun time too.
    new wallpaper. you DO stay busy.

  2. Altered Art Circus is soooooo whimsical! I am going to have to scoop it up next visit and peruse each and every page! I know I will love it as much as you do! xox



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