Monday, August 24, 2009

My New School Bag

Tomorrow is my first day back at work after a 3 year break. I am really excited about going back to teaching. It is the perfect situation too...teaching preschool at my church, lilly will be just down the hall and it is only 2 half days a week. I feel like this job was meant for me and it is a true blessing. I blogged last week about Lilly's back to school pants. Well I need a back to school treat too, right? I really have been wanting a new purse/bag lately. I decided I would make one for myself. After all, I have always looked forward to getting a new backpack or bag for school. I thought about going out and buying some cool new fabric but then I thought that was a crazy idea because I have drawers of fabric and ribbon. So I decided I would make this new bag only out of things I already had on hand. Very green and economic of me, dontcha think? :) I used some tan gingham fabric left-over from a chair cushion re-covering project, I lined it with some turquoise plaid that I bought from Walmart years ago because I liked it, and finally, my favorite part, I embellished it with a vintage embroidered table runner from a thrift store. I actually came across this runner in the bottom of my hamper yesterday when I emptied it to do the laundry (I had forgotten I had it, also found some of Lilly's baby booties and a vintage hamper is like a black hole) I used some instructions I found at Wipster (via One Pretty Thing). I worked on it off and on all day in between cleaning and playing with my Lilly. I am so happy with how it turned out. Can't wait to take it to school tomorrow and fill it with books and lesson plans. P.S. it is actually gathered with elastic that I stitched ribbon to the end of, on "wipster" she made hers gather with ribbon but I wanted to use thick elastic that would hold up to the daily wear and tear of books and binders.

here is the back..


  1. Oh I love it Moll! How sweet it is! You are so NIFTY! ;) I can picture you carrying it, and I think it is so YOU! I am so excited for you and your new job! I know you will thrive there and grow in so many ways! I hope you feel encouraged daily! I love the new turquoise paper trim on your page!!! It is sooooo ME! I love that you keep changing it up...your blog has become like an awesome present that you keep rewrapping for me with awesome papers and trims! (You DO know how to wrap a gift!)I love that there is always something new to find....truly a gift my friend! Love you and will call you tomorrow!! xox


  2. I love it too! and it looks like the table runner is petit-point! neat! how interesting that we both have old table runners. when they get too frayed to put out, I sew the edges together and make small pillows from them.
    mrs green jeans.

  3. Molly, that is just BEAUTIFUL! As "Critty" said, it IS so YOU! The colors are nice and will go with so many things too. I'm so proud of you. Your projects are amazing! Love you much,

  4. I love your version of my bow bag, it's so lovely with the embroidered panel! Yay :)

  5. Hi Molly,
    would I be able to steal your photo for a post I'm putting together about completed bow bags?
    Beccy @ Wipster :)



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