Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Stationary Revamp

I wanted to send my BFF Amy something personal for her birthday (which btw was nearly 3 weeks ago, I am such a slacker). I was shopping in Michael's the other day and came across a pack of orange polka dot cards. I immediately thought of her. She loves to write little notes and she loves orange and blue (we are both big gator fans). I started thinking "how can I make these more personal, more cutesy and add some blue to that orange?" Well you know how I feel about ribbon. It makes everything cute and extra special, right? So, despite my overflowing collection of ribbon at home, I headed over to the ribbon aisle and picked out some "gator blue" grosgrain. I took the cards and ribbon home and got to work right away. The stationary at the left is what I ended up with. They remind me of old school baby announcements or fancy schmancy cards you buy would buy at a pricey stationary store, but these cost pennies a piece to make. I decided to include a tutorial in this post so you can whip some up as a gift or make some for yourself.
step 1: Open the card and lay it flat in front of you. Measure about a half inch down and 2inches in from each side and make 2 small pencil marks.

step 2: Next, use a craft knife to cut two small slits, 1 inch apart (only cut through the front of the card). The slits are about a half inch long (my ribbon is 5/8 inch wide, make smaller slits for thinner ribbon).

step 3: Cut about 7 inches of ribbon and feed it to the back of the card, through the slits. Make sure the center of the ribbon is at the center of the slits. step 4: (this is where it gets a little tricky)Turn the card over feed the ribbon on the right through the slit on the left and vice versa.
Here is how it looks on the front of the card at this step. Pull each end of the ribbon through to the front of the card.
Finally, you will end up with this super cute card!
The possibilities are endless with this project. Think of all the blank cards and all the ribbon out there! Have fun.


  1. I always made 'handmade' anniversary cards for steve. my favorite was white stock, with a big pink heart inside, with a love poem I wrote. then, I 'hole punched' 2 holes, ran pink satin ribbon through the side and made a bow.
    sweetie, you are and are twins somehow. just like my aunt is really my mom, I am really your sister. god, we are talented!

  2. This is a great idea... you have a super cute blog!!!

    God bless-



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