Monday, August 16, 2010

Meant to Be Hoodie

This fabric embellished hoodie was my weekend projectLast Thursday I was rummaging through my drawer of clothes that I have collected and saved for sewing projects. I found this girls shirt at a thrift store a while ago and I bought it because I loved the fabric. The shirt was way too big for Lilly and way too small for me but I knew I could use it for a project one day.
Later on that same day Lilly and I headed for one of our twice a week trips to Super Target. I was browsing the sale racks and found this baby... It was the exact same color as the background of the thrift shirt and it was 4 Bucks! It was so meant to be. I snatched it up and could not wait to get home and figure out what I was going to do. I had seen an awesome embellished hoodie here not to long ago made by Alisa Burke. She was inspired by some cardigans from Anthropologie. So I decided to cut out the front of the thrifted shirt and applique it to the hoodie.And speaking of meant to be...look at this dress on Lilly... I found it at a thrift store last week, it is a Lilly Pulitzer, excellent condition, it is her size and it was 99cents! Loving it!


  1. I always search the clearance racks at stores for cute shirts that I can use as fabric for projects. Most of the time it's a lot cheaper than what I could get for the same amount of fabric at a craft store!

  2. What creativity! I never would have thought of that. I found your blog while doing a google search for coffe filter wreaths. I'm making one and needed to find a tutorial. I signed up to be one of your followers. I have a blog too. Maybe you could visit sometime.

  3. Molly, I freaking LOVE the "meant to be hoodie". I love that coral color... now I really wish I could sew so I could make one! I didn't realize you were so talented! You pretty much rock. =]

    -Nat (Thomas)



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