Monday, January 25, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Better late than never I guess. I have missed blogging and I hope to fit it back into my life. I have been crazy busy but have managed to make a few things lately. I find that if I find time to make something there is no time left to blog about it :) I resolve to manage my time better in 2010.
This past weekend my friend Amy and her son Nolan came down to Tampa for Gasparilla. We had a blast. Every kid at the parade was dressed in their pirate garb. I made Lilly's skirt and shirt for the special event. She picked out the fabric herself. When she tried on the skirt she said, "It's perfect Mommy!" I was so relieved she loved it.
I actually whipped up the matching shirt the night before the parade because it had a stain on it. I just cut out a heart and pirate skull, gathered up some tulle and appliqued away.
Lilly and Nolan racked up 150 beads at the parade! We can't wait for Jose' Gaspar and his crew to invade Hillsborough Bay again next year.

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