Sunday, December 20, 2009

My Latest Christmas Creation

This is the second Chirstmas dress I have made for Lilly in the past 2 weeks ( I don't have a good picture of the other one yet). I thought I was only going to make one but I found this fabric at Joann's last week and loved it so much I almost cried (click on the photos to see the fabric better). It is the sweetest fabric I've ever seen! It's little vintage angels making Christmas cookies, candies and gingerbread houses. It was on sale and I yanked it off the shelf as fast as I could and was shrieking out "Lilly isn't this the best fabric ever?!" She was too into her lollipop to care that much. I used this tutorial at Joy's Hope and made it my own by sewing gingham fabric straps/bow instead of ribbon and I added the fabric flowers with fabric covered buttons along the top to make it even more yummy. I wish I could get away with wearing this dress/fabric. Aren't you glad I have a little girl and you didnt have to see a 34 year old woman wearing angels and cookies on her dress?
Here are some more pictures of Lilly modeling my Christmas creation. She wore it all day! Mommy's so glad she loves it! Hope your Christmas season is filled with sweets! Love, Molly


  1. That sweet pea Liller gets me every time with her adorable poses! It is such a page out of VICTORIA gazine,is it not??! The dress is UNBELIEVABLE Moll! Just THE cutest thing I have ever seen and the fabrc is just you described it. I am surprised you didn't by the whole bolt and drape the walls in it! and twist it around he chandelier and wind it down te halls....Maybe that is what you will be like when you are crotchity and senile! Oooh won't that be a hoot,you will keep me entertained because we are SO going to be in the same nursing home...I already arranged it...they have art classes every day! ha ha....and of course your house looks so charming and cozy for Christmas! I am so bummed that I couldn't be with you to celebrate even a bit of it. I promise this year to make that happen! Love you so much and remember to make time for YOU and your wonderful God given gifts my sweet friend! XOX

  2. I saw this on my phone forever ago and didn't leave a comment. BAD ME!!! But you did a phenomenal job. Just adorable. The flowers are the best thing ever!!! The fabric! I have three yards that I didn't even have a chance to cut into back at Christmas. So I will pretend that this sweet dress is actually mine.
    Nicely done !!! Thanks for sharing.



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