Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Marie Antoinette Shoes

On February 25 my best girlfriend and I will be attending Marie’s Market Soiree . I can't believe such an amazing art event is being held minutes from my house. I absolutely cannot wait to see artists like Jennifer Hayslip, Heidi Wallingford, and Cassandra VanCuren (host of the event). I have been admiring these talented women's' work for a while now on their blogs and in magazines such as "Where Women Create". I think I might faint when I see their art in person. All of them create such detailed and beautiful vintage inspired pieces. They are going to have some make and takes at the market and some give aways . The part of the show I am most looking forward to is the Marie shoe contest. I have decorated a pair for me to wear (pictured above) and I will be creating a pair for my girlfriends as well. We are going to have the best time getting dolled up Marie style. I will post my next pair of shoes when I finish them. I have a large gold shadow box that I think I am going to display our over the top shoes in as a memory of the event.
Here are before and after pictures of my shoes I embellished for the event:
Hope you all are having a great week. It's almost Friday! ~Molly


  1. Wow Molly! Those shoes are simply fabulous!!

    Christy S.

  2. Those are awesome! I just named my new spring collection 'Modern Marie' so I totally love this.

  3. Molly, I seriously was so glad to see you won first prize! I adore your shoes! They are truly stunning! I love the glitter, all the different colors and contrast. You looked like such a doll!

    It was so wonderful meeting you are Christine both! I hope to see you again sometime soon :)

  4. Hi Molly ~ So wonderful to meet you at the event! And your shoes are amazing! Hope to see you at another one soon! hugs ~ xo Heidi



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